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299D3: Inspect

MiltonCAT 299D3 CTL
Proper daily inspection of the machine before every shift or after every 10 hours of operation. Includes ground level walk-around, inspection of engine compartment and fluid levels.
4m 4s

299D3: Systems

MiltonCAT 299D3 CTL
A overview of the compact track loader D3 series, track maintenance, and adjustment.
3m 34s

299D3: Operation Overview

MiltonCAT 299D3 CTL
A brief overview of the operator controls and basic operating functions of this machine, including startup, travel, and joystick controls.
5m 18s

299D3 FEATURE FOCUS: Creep Control, Return to Dig, and Dual Self Level

MiltonCAT 299D3 CTL
The following unique features are demonstrated in this module: Creep Control, Return to Dig, and Dual Self Level.
4m 56s

299D3: Safety

MiltonCAT 299D3 CTL
This module is an exploration of the safety components of the machine, including operator ergonomics and emergency features.
5m 23s