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972M XE: Inspect

MiltonCAT 972M XE
A proper daily walk around inspection of the machine prior to operation.
5m 19s

972M XE: Systems

MiltonCAT 972M XE
The overview of the fundamentals and service of the electric and hydraulic operating systems of the D6 XE.
5m 32s

972M XE: Operation Overview

MiltonCAT 972M XE
This operation overview module covers the foundational knowledge needed to operate the machine.
5m 12s

972M XE: Safety

MiltonCAT 972M XE
This video has a focus on the exploration of the safety components of the machine.
5m 23s

972M XE FEATURE FOCUS: Payload Scale, Ride Control, and Engine Idle Timer

MiltonCAT 972M XE
The focus of this video demonstrates the unique features of the machine such as payload scale, ride control & engine idle timer.
5m 43s

972M XE: Operation Detail

MiltonCAT 972M XE
This module provides a complete demonstration on the function and operation of the payload scale feature.
29m 51s