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Building better construction training, one module at a time

Our vision

We aim to democratize access to skilled trades training, accelerate the global creation of jobs, and ensure stable infrastructure.

In less than a decade, smartphones, tablets, and apps entirely reshaped how we live, work, and communicate. Today, we are using them to make workforce development and safety training more accessible than ever before.

Our purpose

Our goal is to become the gold standard in field-based construction education by delivering the most cutting-edge development and safety training.

By creating an app with thousands of safety and training videos, we’re ensuring the transfer of knowledge that will prevent delayed projects, accidents, and a lack of regulatory compliance.

About CAHill TECH

In 2019, Carley Hill took all the knowledge she gained working for her family’s construction company to create a business of her own, CAHill TECH. Through its award-winning aQuiRe app, CAHill TECH is training the next generation of construction workers in a way they’re already familiar with – by watching videos on their phones.

This company wide safety and training platform was created as a solution to an urgent construction problem. As baby boomers retire, construction companies struggle to attract and train the next generation of workers.

That’s where the aQuiRe app comes in. It is designed for the front-line workers and contains thousands of safety and training videos, from how to correctly read a tape measure to pouring concrete. The CAHill team adds new modules regularly while at the same time creating custom content to meet the specific needs of leading US construction companies.

Our objective is to continue working towards democratizing access to these trades-based skills and allow everyone with motivation and drive to be a part of the construction industry.

Meet the industry experts behind CAHill

Through the years spent in construction, we’ve learned how important it is to deliver timely information and training directly to the field. By developing a platform that enables it, we can help construction companies keep their workers safe and informed.

Loved by our customers, partners, and employees

Companies across the country rely on aQuiRe™ to upscale their construction operations
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We’re not just helping our customers grow. We’re leveling up careers, too. Learn more about what a career with CAHill could look like for you.

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Where to find us?

CAHill TECH, Inc.
11145 Main Street, Suite 2 Clarence, NY 14031 USA