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aQuiRe Construction Academy

The training and compliance tool, built for your construction crew

Get years of construction experience in your tool belt with aQuiRe™. Hire, train, and retain your employees or contractors.

Minimize site injuries, insurance rates, and claims.

Proudly supported by the US construction industry

Companies across the country rely on aQuiRe™ to upscale their construction operations

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Looking for a better, easier, and more consistent way to train your employees?

While building an efficient team, many construction companies struggle with:
  • Lack of properly trained employees
  • Injuries and high insurance premiums
  • Keeping up with compliance regulations
  • Maintaining mandatory training
  • The knowledge gap between generations

With many seasoned workers out the door, the talent and experience gap is wider than ever. Implementing a streamlined training process is the key to closing the gap and building a safe and productive team.

Introducing aQuiRe™: the learning platform for a safer construction industry

aQuiRe™ is built by construction industry experts for people with hi-vis, hard hats, and work gloves. It’s created to ensure training and construction safety gets more efficient, more connected, and more human.

The platform comes with built-in compliance tracking and a Skill Center library, to guarantee knowledge sharing, safety, and best construction practices.

Skill Center

App-based training for onboarding new hires and upscaling current employees


Growing library with over
300 training modules


Short videos from real
job sites


Quizzes and certifications
within the app


Custom-made training


QR codes that instantly
deliver skill or process
content from any location

Standards Logging

Streamline compliance across your company – from the back office to the field


Digital machine
inspection surveys and
equipment checklists


Health and wellness polls
for wellbeing at work


Existing certification
cards already added to
the system


Job Hazard Analysis and
Root Cause Analysis


The Foreman’s Site
Reports with pictures of

Training and compliance, for a price tailored to your company’s size


From various machine parts and components to the best maintenance practices, the Iron category will ensure your employees have the right knowledge and technical skills to succeed in the workplace.


Slips, trips, falls, hearing loss, and other job hazards can and should be prevented. The Safety module focuses on inspection procedures and training for avoiding accidents and staying safe in the workspace.

Site ops

Want to make sure your workers know how to reduce erosion, install a silt fence, or properly communicate on the field? The Site Ops category has everything you need and more to get your hard hats field-ready!


Help your workers develop skills needed to minimize workplace dangers. A wide selection of OSHA training courses will ensure your employees work safely - with or near job-specific hazards.

Don’t see what you’re looking for?

Find out how to get custom content, tailored to your specific needs.

Keep your construction crew safe and your insurance rates low

Designed by construction and safety experts, aQuiRe™ training and compliance modules share the best of our industry knowledge and in-house practices.


Employee training that pays for itself

…right away and down the road. Trained employees that follow best practices lower the chance of accidents and injuries, reduce fuel use and costs, and meet deadlines.

Workers who know how to get the most out of their machines will catch potential problems before they turn into costly repairs and downtime.


Safety evaluation? No problem

Show your insurance carrier your construction business is a low risk by implementing industry required or company created safety training.

It consists of proactive processes that train and empower employers to find and fix job site hazards before workers are hurt.


Digital made for every generation

Worried that transition from pen and paper to digital may cause some friction? Say no more. aQuiRe™ app is as simple as it gets, and it’s made with all workplace hazards in mind.

Numerous training functions are available with one button click and pointing the mobile camera towards a QR code.

Thoughts from the field

It’s a very user-friendly platform and you guys have a great product that I really can’t say enough good things about! It’s a built-in transfer of knowledge that’s beneficial to everybody – from executives and owners to field workers.
Chris DiStefano
Chief Operating Officer of Harrison & Burrowes Bridge Constructors, Inc.
In training today’s workforce, flexibility is paramount. A virtual training system like this is key for meeting the demands of the changing workforce.
William Geary
Erie County DPW Commissioner, US Airforce Reserve & Flight Instructor
I wasn’t surprised by the feedback I’ve got from my team - they love this app. It’s a great tool to have in the toolbox because it touches base on relevant and relatable stuff that we do. Being able to watch the video and have the question/answer part at the end really puts workers at ease, too.
John Papponetti
Commissioner at Orleans County DPW

Meet our experts

Through the years spent in construction, we’ve learned how important it is to deliver timely information and training directly to the field. By developing a platform that enables it, we can help construction companies keep their workers safe and informed.

Awards and recognition

aQuiRe™️ is proud to be recognized for our award-winning solution.

Defense Tech recognizes companies doing meaningful work securing our Nation’s security and resilience. Job readiness for discharging military personnel and veterans is a top priority, this award recognizes CAHill TECH as a leading innovator in this space.
“Mobile App Solution” category, workforce division. The largest education technology recognition program in the world, The EdTech Awards recognize people for outstanding contributions in transforming education through technology to enrich the lives of learners everywhere.
“The thing that really stood out about CAHill TECH was the impact potential of the technology. We looked into the future and agreed that this is how everyone will be consuming this sort of instructional information.” - Autodesk’s Jarod X. Coelho, strategic partnerships (construction)

Stop wasting time and resources on a training process that doesn’t work

Get in touch and let industry experts show you what makes aQuiRe™ the construction industry’s best training and safety tool.

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