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Years of construction industry know-how in the palm of your hand

aQuiRe™ platform comes equipped with thousands of training and skill videos, inspection surveys, and equipment checklists. It’s made by industry experts to help you transfer knowledge, upskill and cross train workers, reduce risks, and keep your construction business safe and compliant.

Everything you need to keep your field crew safe and productive

Keeping up with compliance and properly training employees in the construction industry is increasingly challenging. aQuiRe™ presents an entire tool kit for increasing safety, knowledge sharing, and skill development while reducing risk and insurance premiums.


Real job-site training. Instantly.

Get the best industry knowledge with aQuiRe™ Skill Center. Choose from a library with 100s of video training modules and 1000s of resources, divided into three main categories: Site Ops, Iron, and Safety.

Onboarding and upskilling your construction crew has never been easier. Short videos recorded by industry experts on real job-sites along with quizzes and certifications available at the end of each module - all without leaving the app.

aQuiRe™ Skill Center allows you to


Get your crew the knowledge they need, delivered by instructors with decades of real-world experience


Test and track your workers’ skill level as they grow in the construction trade


Take advantage of specialized subject libraries, such as OSHA standards and machine maintenance


Gain instant access to training content in the field by simply scanning a QR code


Stay compliant! (our certified instructors cover all the bases)


Build your curriculum with custom learning modules tailored to your company’s needs


Standards Logging that takes your checklists further

aQuiRe™ Standards Logging is an easy and effective way to keep track of all field reports. Instead of relying on paper checklists when performing equipment inspections, the aQuiRe™ app allows field workers to report issues, leave feedback, and save results electronically.

Missed deadlines, injuries, unfinished projects, or failed safety inspections are all potential problems that follow equipment issues. With the aQuiRe™ app, field workers can simply open the safety or inspection survey, report an issue if there is any, and instantly notify the designated person.

Standards Logging allows you to


Dispatch digital forms and surveys
directly to your team in the field

Perform daily health and wellness
checks, such as COVID-19 screening
Lower insurance premiums and ensure compliance
Get notified instantly if a worker report
an issue

Preserve equipment and minimize mechanical breakdowns


Explore the platform

The aQuiRe™ platform consists of two parts - the mobile app and the Business Portal.
While the app grants instant access to surveys and coaching to every worker on the field, Business Portal provides a complete, real-time overview of your company’s training and compliance.

The aQuiRe™ mobile app

Made with training and tracking in mind, the aQuiRe™ app is easy to use and suitable for field workers of any age or digital comfort level.

Designed to provide them with confidence in job roles, the aQuiRe™ app helps workers consistently develop skills they need to grow in the construction trade. With the real field experience available on any smart device and the ability to leave instant feedback on training or machinery they use, our intuitive mobile app increases workers’ productivity and knowledge transfer.


Get the best of our in-house construction knowledge in one place.

Available on:


When logged into the Business Portal, you can

  • Track team activities by sorting workers into different groups
  • Share resources directly to the field employee that needs them
  • Set up different permissions for each member of the team
  • Get instant field feedback and detailed reports on equipment status
  • Ensure your team leads have all the relevant equipment and compliance data
  • Minimize the scheduling effort of recurring training and tasks

Learn from industry experts

Gain access to hundreds of training and skill videos made for app-based learning


The Iron category is the place to go if you want your employees trained and ready for success in all areas - from machine parts and components to best maintenance practices.


The Safety category is there to ensure accidents don’t happen. It contains all inspection procedures and training you need to avoid potential hazards in the workspace.

Site ops

SiteOps modules are the go-to for any construction site manager looking to train their crew in everything they need to get the job done right.


A wide selection of OSHA training courses will make certain your workers develop the skills needed to minimize all workplace dangers.

Don’t see what you’re looking for?

Find out how to get custom content, tailored to your specific needs.
It’s a very user-friendly platform and you guys have a great product that I really can’t say enough good things about! It’s a built-in transfer of knowledge that’s beneficial to everybody – from executives and owners to field workers.
Chris DiStefano
Chief Operating Officer of Harrison & Burrowes Bridge Constructors, Inc.

Why customers choose aQuiRe™


Limits paperwork


Shows real-time reports


Ensures compliance


Reduces injuries


Increases visibility


Transfers knowledge


Minimizes risk


Lowers equipment downtime


Improves safety


Awards and recognition

aQuiRe™️ is proud to be recognized for our award-winning solution.

Defense Tech recognizes companies doing meaningful work securing our Nation’s security and resilience. Job readiness for discharging military personnel and veterans is a top priority, this award recognizes CAHill TECH as a leading innovator in this space.
“Mobile App Solution” category, workforce division. The largest education technology recognition program in the world, The EdTech Awards recognize people for outstanding contributions in transforming education through technology to enrich the lives of learners everywhere.
“The thing that really stood out about CAHill TECH was the impact potential of the tech-nology. We looked into the future and agreed that this is how everyone will be consu-ming this sort of instructional information.” - Autodesk’s Jarod X. Coelho, strategic partnerships (construction)

Frequently asked questions

What is aQuiRe™?
How does it work?

You’re in the right place to find out. See answers to frequently asked questions about our platform.

What is aQuiRe™?

aQuiRe™ is a workforce development and safety training platform that helps construction-related companies improve their workforce’s safety and readiness. The app works on iOS, Android, and Windows platforms with a simple interface, allowing easy access to workers in the construction field. Supervisors and managers have access to a web portal for tracking and obtaining actionable insights.

What value does aQuiRe™ provide?

As companies strive to maintain a skilled workforce with a safety mindset, the aQuiRe™ platform helps eliminate training bottlenecks. It eliminates travel and the situations where skilled workers must take time out from the field for their refreshers. Put simply, the aQuiRe™ system brings the training room out to the field.

What does the training look like with the aQuiRe™ app?

Providing a virtual mentor, the aQuiRe™ video library contains decades of organized industry knowledge from experienced tradespeople. Truly a knowledge-sharing system with hundreds of unique, industry-relevant video training modules, and thousands of resources currently available. As companies work towards a safe and compliant worksite, aQuiRe™ helps them become more proactive by assigning training and required procedures ahead of time. Supervisors can track progress and address gaps in real-time.

By reducing risk through quicker training and better compliance, companies can ensure better safety ratings and reduced insurance costs.

What is the ROI of aQuiRe™ for a typical construction company?

The aQuiRe™ platform is offered at a low annual subscription cost per employee. Current clients report a return value of 10x or more annually. The benefits of making know-how instantly available and eliminating paper in the field are immeasurable. aQuiRe™ allows supervisors to take action in real-time, eliminating frustrating work stoppages.

What can managers do to train their workers?

When companies subscribe, their workforce has a variety of training programs immediately available for workers to dive into through the mobile aQuiRe™ app. Categories include Comply, Safety, Site Ops, and Iron. A few module examples:

  • Comply: Sexual Harassment annual training, compliance
  • Safety: Ergonomics, Falling, Importance of PPE, Confined Spaces
  • Site Ops: Track Time (best practices for operating a machine with tracks)
  • Iron: Motor Grader Systems Check

Additional modules and categories are continually added at no extra cost.
Companies can develop their custom catalogs of training and testing. Many clients appoint their most experienced workers to work with our media team to create custom content. Supervisors and owners can track progress and reward good behavior. The CAHill TECH team has some best practice recommendations for encouraging participation through reward and recognition programs.

What do field workers think of the mobile app?

The aQuiRe™ mobile app was designed specifically for construction workers. Many training functions are available with one button click and pointing the mobile camera towards a QR code. These QRs are included on jobsite posters that can be hung in site trailers or made into a decal installed on a piece of equipment.

In our experience, many younger workers are resistant to asking for help from older, more experienced workers and are more productive with mobile-based training. To ensure workers get the correct information at the right time, providing a high level of confidence on the job, many modules are concise, focused, and specific.

Based on the feedback from our users, workers love getting recognition for their efforts. The app includes a function where workers can self-report their accomplishments by displaying or printing a certificate of accomplishment. This is especially meaningful after a series of training and quizzes showing an advanced level of proficiency. Some clients include a popular program of hard hat stickers for displaying training results.

Can the aQuiRe™ app track work hours?

While the reporting analytics for this use case is still somewhat limited (and on the roadmap for future development), we can create surveys for each worker, used for daily logging of working hours.

What are recurring modules?

Recurring Skill Modules are a popular new feature scheduled regularly- daily, weekly, monthly, or annually. This can be helpful for important training topics or standard process adherence. Setting recurrence can be very helpful when companies need to reinforce critical processes and require workers to repeat the associated training regularly.

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