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custom content development

You don’t have to do any of the heavy lifting. Our team will deliver engaging training content, specially made for your company’s needs.

Your team has their own unique approach, let our team document that for your own company library

Custom content is a great way to ensure your crew is getting the training they need, tailored to your brand. Whether you can’t find what you’re looking for in our content library or your training needs are very specific, the CAHill TECH team can work with you to create custom content that perfectly fits your needs.

From software and machinery training to employee welcome videos, we can create personalized content that features your brand, people, and equipment.

Getting into the custom modules is well worth the money! We’re always very mindful of the value we’re getting, and I believe the value is well balanced with what we paid for it.
Nicole Savage
CEO, NW Contracting

Expertly crafted training content designed to engage your field workers

The aQuiRe™ team will support you from start to finish, keeping you in control of your training development. Leverage professionally designed and developed modules and ensure your field crew gets the knowledge to succeed in the construction trade.

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refresher training

Refresher training

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Mandatory training

Benefits of
custom content development


Save resources


Get our expertise

mobile training

Deliver mobile training


Align training with company & core values


Solve specific business needs


Measure and communicate field conditions

Looking for more details about the aQuiRe™ construction training?

Check out our resources hub and learn more about our training modules.
For us, getting proper training is more than just being compliant. It’s making sure our employees are educated and able to do their job safely and without injuries.
Michelle Paroda
Vice President, Ramsey Constructors

Frequently asked questions

What kind of custom training can we get with aQuiRe™?
What is the development process like?

You’re in the right place to find out.
See answers to frequently asked questions about our custom content.

What kind of custom services can we get with aQuiRe™?

Custom content allows companies to build upon the existing training library with their own personalized videos, skill resources, quizzes, and surveys with the help of aQuiRe™’s team of eLearning content professionals.  Custom service options include media production, resource design, custom survey creation, quiz writing, subject matter consultation, and app publishing.

How does the custom content process work?

From conception to creation to publishing, our custom content team works directly with your subject experts every step of the way to make sure we are delivering the exact training you require. Once completed, custom content is published by aQuiRe™’s team to your own exclusive company library category, accessible only to your subscribing users.

Can we develop our own custom content?

Absolutely.  Our process is as custom as the content itself.  Send us your produced content, and our team will publish it to your exclusive library ASAP, or team up your expert training gurus with our creative production pros. Our experienced production crews know their way around active construction sites, observe the latest safety regulations, and operate with minimal disruption to your high-pressure tasks.  

How much does custom content cost?

Because custom content is available only to paid users and aQuiRe™ partners, we are able to keep our production fees below professional creative studios.  Our goal is to keep the custom survey creation process quick and efficient to give you more bang for your buck. For detailed pricing and more information on custom content, please get in touch with our sales team.

Who will be able to access our custom content?

Unless otherwise agreed, only your subscribed users will be able to view and access your custom content. Rest assured, no one else outside of your organization will be able to take your quizzes, watch your videos, or access any other part of your custom training.

Stop wasting time and resources on a training process that doesn’t work for your company

Request a custom training demo to see what a difference having a custom training program can make.