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How the aQuiRe™ Platform Helped Cold Spring Construction Improve Safety and Training Across Their Organization

Meet Cold Spring Construction

Headquartered near Buffalo, New York, Cold Spring Construction is a fourth-generation, family-owned general contracting firm specializing in heavy civil construction projects. The company has completed work on highways, bridges, earthwork, paving, airport facilities, dams, and underground work, mainly throughout the western half of New York state and parts of Pennsylvania.

Company founder Eugene P. Forrestel started Cold Spring Construction in 1911 and bought out his partners over the next decade. Eugene’s sons, Richard and John Thomas took over the business after World War II. Under their leadership, Cold Spring did a great deal of work on various expressways in Western NY as part of President Eisenhower’s national effort to build the interstate system. Richard and Thomas ran the business from the 1950s through the 70s when Richard’s son Steve returned to the company after serving in the US Navy. Steve Forrestel is currently CEO of the company, and his son Ryan Forrestel is President. Jeff Borden, Ryan’s cousin, is Vice President.

For over 100 years, Cold Spring Construction has been committed to providing the best quality work for every owner they work for and the taxpayers and public that those owners represent. They encourage all their employees to deliver quality work they can be proud of and treat everyone in the workplace with respect.

For Cold Spring Construction, safety has always been a top priority. They strive to ensure that despite challenging and dynamic projects and job sites, no stone is left unturned to provide the safest environment for their employees, subcontractors, owners, and the public. Everyone going home safe every day is their ultimate goal.


The Challenge

Cold Spring Construction oversees various projects and job sites as a general contractor specializing in heavy civil construction. Ensuring the safety of everyone involved is essential, but managing it across multiple job sites can be challenging. With so much going on, it’s easy for things to fall through the cracks.

In addition, with over 100 years of history, the company has a wealth of experience and knowledge to share with its employees. But, ensuring that all workers have access to this valuable information can be difficult, especially as the workforce changes and grows.


Like many construction companies, Cold Spring Construction struggled to find an effective way to manage safety and train their employees across all of their projects and job sites. They needed a solution that would allow them to easily share information and resources with their employees, no matter where they worked.

In the past, they have primarily relied on paper-based forms and checklists, with some integration to their electronic time card system. But, this was not an effective way to manage safety or train employees, as it was challenging to track compliance and ensure everyone had access to the latest information.

Cold Spring would hold a safety meeting at the start of the season to review its policy and procedures. Along with the toolbox talks conducted at the beginning of each shift, this was their primary safety training method.

While this model is still in place, they searched for a way to integrate new technology to make site safety more engaging and relevant for their employees.

Ryan Forrestel - photo
We struggled with implementing a good site safety and compliance process. We were trying to come up with new ways to ensure our people in the field and our subcontractors kept the focus on safety. We’ve always heavily emphasized it, but we wanted to find a way to take it to the next level.
Ryan Forrestel
President at Cold Spring Construction

Getting to know the aQuiRe™ platform

Ryan Forrestel was introduced to the aQuiRe™ by the company’s founder, Carley Hill, and was immediately intrigued by the app’s potential. He liked the idea of an interactive platform that would make training and safety more engaging for his employees. Its innovative approach to delivering training content was a refreshing change from the traditional paper-based safety forms and checklists they had been using.

After a brief demonstration of the app, Ryan was convinced that the aQuiRe™ platform could help Cold Spring Construction improve safety and training across their organization. The CAHill team was very responsive and helpful, which gave him confidence that they would be able to support Cold Spring as they got started with the app.

The aQuiRe™ app makes site training simple and presents safety information in a way that is easy to understand while still covering all essential topics. It makes tracking employee compliance simple and ensures everyone on and off-site has access to the latest safety data.

Ryan Forrestel - photo
I was intrigued by the novel approach that Carley was taking towards construction site issues that include safety, training, and information flow on the work site. I thought it was a good opportunity to add a new tool to our safety arsenal, to help us better engage our employees.
Ryan Forrestel
President at Cold Spring Construction

The Approach

The aQuiRe™ platform offers various features relevant to Cold Spring’s safety and training, including custom content, surveys, and quizzes.

Cold Spring Construction is taking full advantage of CAHill’s Custom Content feature to create unique training materials and surveys for their organization. Certain operations and equipment require technical knowledge, and the Custom Content feature allows Cold Spring to deliver that information in a more targeted way.


Maintenance and preventive maintenance of unique, specialized equipment is crucial to ensuring proper function and preventing unanticipated breakdowns. CAHill’s Custom Content team worked with Cold Spring to create custom training modules and surveys that prompt employees to check the equipment and ensure that preventive maintenance is done correctly.


The training modules and surveys are delivered through the aQuiRe™ app, which makes it easy for employees to access all the information they need without leaving the construction site.

Ryan Forrestel - photo
The aQuiRe™ app prompts our employees to check the equipment and ensure that preventive maintenance was done properly. This helps us avoid unanticipated breakdowns and keeps our construction site running smoothly.
Ryan Forrestel
President at Cold Spring Construction

The Results

Since implementing the aQuiRe™ platform, Cold Spring Construction has significantly improved safety and compliance across its organization.

The app has helped Cold Spring deliver more targeted and effective employee safety training. While it may be hard to quantify the impact of this improved training, Ryan believes it has contributed to more engaged and safety-conscious employees.



Ryan Forrestel - photo
The content within the aQuiRe™ app keeps people interested. It is not like traditional safety training, where people tune out after the first few minutes. aQuiRe™ has helped us deliver more targeted and effective safety training to our employees.
Ryan Forrestel
President at Cold Spring Construction

When it comes to Ryan’s role specifically, he’s seen many benefits from using the aQuiRe™ platform. The app has helped him keep track of more information in one place, making his job more efficient. Instead of digging through paper records or tracking employees for follow-ups, his team can easily check the platform to see who has completed their training modules and surveys.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the app was instrumental in helping Cold Spring put the necessary safety protocols in place. It enabled them to jump through the regulatory hoops and keep their infection rates low by providing a check-in system and delivering custom COVID-19 safety content to employees.

Post-COVID-19, the app is still essential for safety and compliance. The flexibility and customization that aQuiRe™ offers have benefited Ryan and Cold Spring Construction and will continue to do so as their safety needs change and evolve. Whether tracking safety compliance or equipment maintenance, the aQuiRe™ app has helped them streamline their operations and keep their construction site running smoothly.

Ryan Forrestel - photo
aQuiRe™ is a very versatile tool. Customers can reach out to the CAHill team with a specific problem, and there are many ways to fit that tool into a solution. I would recommend it to any construction company looking for a way to improve safety, training and compliance on their site.
Ryan Forrestel
President at Cold Spring Construction

Looking into the future

The aQuiRe™ platform is constantly evolving to meet the changing needs of construction companies. As safety and compliance regulations become more complex, the app will become even more valuable for organizations like Cold Spring Construction.

The construction industry is not a one-size-fits-all, and similar companies often operate very differently. aQuiRe™ can adapt to these different scenarios very well, making it a valuable tool for any construction company looking to improve safety, training and compliance on their site.

Ryan Forrestel is confident that aQuiRe™ will continue to help Cold Spring Construction meet its safety goals, maintain equipment, train employees, and stay compliant with regulations for years to come.

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