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Let us build a Service Package that works for you!



Field Leadership Package

Essential access to our user-friendly platform for construction companies looking to put the key to safety and knowledge resources in the hands of their leadership team:

  • Up to 20 users in aQuiRe™
  • Implementation support for first 60 days of service

$5000/ yearly service cost

$500/ onboarding fee


Premium Package < 100,000 Average Annual Field Hours

Unlimited access to our friendly platform for construction companies seeking  advanced safety tools and personalized digital training: 

  • Unlimited users in aQuiRe™
  • Implementation support for first 90 days of service

$7200/ yearly service cost

$1500/ onboarding fee



Pro Package < 300,000 Average Annual Field Hours

Choice package for construction leaders managing loss mitigation and risk control:
  • Unlimited aQuiRe™ users
  • Implementation support for first 6 months of service
  • Access to available integrations and survey tools
  • Supplemental in-person training sessions
  • Priority safety auditing services
  • 10 consulting hours with OSHA-certified safety and training instructors

$18,000/ yearly service cost

$3000/ onboarding fee



Enterprise Solution < 1,000,000 Average Annual Field Hours

THE all-inclusive package for companies seeking in-depth safety, training and workforce development:

  • Unlimited aQuiRe™ users
  • Implementation support for lifetime of service
  • Access to available integrations and survey tools
  • Supplemental in-person training sessions
  • Priority safety auditing services
  • 50 consulting hours with OSHA-certified safety and training instructors 
  • A dedicated, fractional training professional 
  • Custom content creation and curriculum support!

$45,000/ yearly service cost

$5000/ onboarding fee


Many Powerful Features to Choose From

All supported by our client success team and construction industry experts

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A' la Carte Traditional Services

  • Annual Kickoff Meetings
  • Job Site Safety Audits
  • Leadership Sessions
  • In-Person Trainings


Innovative Support for aQuiRe™

  • Company-driven Onboarding
  • Professional Consulting Hours
  • Training Curriculum Guidance
  • Custom Surveys & Modules

Skills Center

The aQuiRe™ Skill Center is your key to the best industry knowledge. Choose from an extensive library of video training modules and resources, divided into three main categories: SiteOps, Iron, and Safety.

Standard Logging

The aQuiRe™ Standards Logging is the most effective way to ensure your equipment stays in top condition. It allows workers to perform equipment inspections, leave feedback for future reference, and save results electronically.

aQuire Business Portal

The aQuiRe™ Business Portal gives you the most comprehensive view of all field employees. It streamlines their training and compliance, gives you peace of mind knowing that they are up to standards, and saves you time managing the employee’s lifetime.


aQuiRe Mobile App

The aQuiRe™ app is designed to help construction workers get the skills they need to deal with job hazards and succeed in the construction trade. Its user-friendly interface is perfect for anyone, no matter their age or digital comfort level.

What our customers say

It’s a very user-friendly platform and you guys have a great product that I really can’t say enough good things about! It’s a built-in transfer of knowledge that’s beneficial to everybody – from executives and owners to field workers.
Chris DiStefano
Chief Operating Officer of Harrison & Burrowes Bridge Constructors, Inc.
In training today’s workforce, flexibility is paramount. A virtual training system like this is key for meeting the demands of the changing workforce.
William Geary
Erie County DPW Commissioner, US Airforce Reserve & Flight Instructor
I wasn’t surprised by the feedback I’ve got from my team - they love this app. It’s a great tool to have in the toolbox because it touches base on relevant and relatable stuff that we do. Being able to watch the video and have the question/answer part at the end really puts workers at ease, too.
John Papponetti
Commissioner at Orleans County DPW

Pricing frequently asked questions

You’re in the right place to find out.
See answers to frequently asked
questions about our platform.

What is an active user?

An active user is a current employee to whom you decided to give access to the platform. With our unlimited user model you can provide access to our flagship software, aQuiRe™, to anyone you chose. 

How does pricing work?

Your cost is for an annual plan based on the services you need. You can choose additional add-on services at any time.

Are the features the same for each plan?

Services vary based on the plan you select. All plans come with the complete aQuiRe™ platform with access to all 400+ training and compliance modules.

Are onboarding fees required?

Yes, onboarding fees are required. It is a one-time cost for setting up your company on the platform and onboarding your first users. No additional onboarding fees apply after the initial setup.

Is implementation support required?

No, implementation support is an additional service available to our customers.

Can I try it out before I make a purchase?

You can download the aQuiRe™ app and use the demo account login to give it a try before you make a decision. The free trial only includes the mobile app. To book a demo of our Business Portal software, don't hesitate to contact our sales team.

I have more questions

We’d love to answer them. Get in touch with our sales team!