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Excavation Safety (Part 2: Trench Protection)

OSHA Excavation and Trenching Safety
When working in a trench it is critical to use the proper protection equipment. This module is the second in a three part examination of excavation and trenching safety.
10m 4s 5m

Excavation Safety (Part 3: Underground Hazards)

OSHA Excavation and Trenching Safety
On any excavation site, hazards from underground utilities can exist putting operators and workers in danger. In this final excavation module, learn how to identify these hazards before you dig and what to do if you accidentally encounter them.
12m 13s 5m

Excavation Safety (Part 1: Trench Hazards)

OSHA Excavation and Trenching Safety
Excavation and trenching are among the most hazardous construction operations. This module describes the safe work practices that can protect workers from cave-ins and other hazards when working in and around excavation sites.
13m 25s 5m