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Site Ops Control It / WZTC
Definition of the basics for Work Zone Traffic Control as well as the responsibilities and methods used to communicate with the traveling public.
2m 57s 4m

Watch Out, Work Zones!

Site Ops Control It / WZTC
Highlighting the various hazards and dangers in a work zone for a worker and how to minimize personal risk.
3m 9s 4m

Hold it Down

Site Ops Control It / WZTC
A work zone traffic control module that focuses on the importance of properly weighting traffic control devices to prevent disruption from weather events.
4m 9s 4m


Site Ops Control It / WZTC
Basic training on the appropriate use & installation of tapers in a work zone. Recommended speed charts and distance references included.
4m 42s 4m

Portable Traffic Lights

Site Ops Control It / WZTC
Portable Traffic Lights are an ideal way to control traffic when a flag person is not available. In this module we will look at inspecting and setting up a portable traffic device on a temporary roadside work area.
6m 44s 4m

Flag it

Site Ops Control It / WZTC
Expert traffic control technician Jim Jones explains basic flagging procedures for work zone traffic control situations in rural and urban settings.
1m 59s 4m

Flagger Training Part 1

Site Ops Control It / WZTC
Understanding the importance of communication while flagging for a jobsite
12m 48s 4m

Flagger Training Part 2

Site Ops Control It / WZTC
Understanding key actions that will help make you a responsible and capable flagger.
13m 57s 4m

Flagger Training Part 3

Site Ops Control It / WZTC
Part 3 of this course will discuss how to safety communicate with drivers.
16m 5s 4m

Flagger Training Part 4

Site Ops Control It / WZTC
Part 4 of this course shows correct hand signals for workers to communicate with traffic.
15m 8s 4m

Under The Lights:Overnight Highway Traffic Control

Site Ops Control It / WZTC
Night highway construction work brings a unique challenge for trafffic control teams. This module follows an overnight traffic crew as they progressively bump out temporary channeling devices to block off three lanes of an expressway. Learn from an experienced supervisor on the proper use of a truck mounted attenuator, arrow board, portable light plant, and how a team works in sync to secure a new lane from high speed traffic under the work lights.
8m 8s 4m