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Sexual Harassment V2

Safety Compliance / Sexual Harassment
This module details several case studies considered unacceptable under the law, as well as examples of acceptable behavior in the workplace.
22m 9s 4m

Sexual Harassment V1

Safety Compliance / Sexual Harassment
This module covers the definition and terms identified as sexual harassment. Outlining the process for filing a complaint, as well as who is protected under the law.
19m 15s 4m

Keeping Your CDL

Safety Compliance / Licensing
Overview of the basic requirements to keep your Commercial Drivers License (CDL).
3m 16s 4m

COVID-19 Guidelines

Safety Compliance / Health
This module covers best practices for minimizing the risks and effects of SARS-CoV-2, the virus which causes the disease COVID-19. Levels of risk for occupational groups is discussed along with preventative measures to staying safe.
27m 52s