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Ergonomics and Back Injury Prevention

Safety Personal Safety / Body
Back injuries are the leading cause of disability cases in the construction industry. In this module, CAHill's Carley Hill and safety expert James Jones, explore the benefits of workplace ergonomics and share helpful pro tips on how to keep your back working optimally for years to come.
9m 17s 4m

Heat Stress

Safety Personal Safety / Body
How to identify the signs of heat stress on the human body, and what to do if you see these signs.
5m 39s 4m

Cold Stress

Safety Personal Safety / Body
Best practices when working in near or below freezing conditions.
4m 16s 4m

PPE Overview

Safety Personal Safety / PPE
This module identifies the value and importance of using the correct personal protection equipment.
4m 18s 4m

Don't Zone Out

Safety Personal Safety / Body
This module covers the risks of drowsy driving, environmental exposures and the importance of staying alert and aware of surroundings.
2m 51s 4m

Respiratory Protection

Safety Personal Safety / PPE
Staying safe on the job with the correct respiratory PPE.
9m 48s 4m

Hearing Conservation

Safety Personal Safety / PPE
Protecting yourself from job hazards that can cause hearing loss
5m 53s 4m

Fire Protection & Extinguisher Use

Safety Personal Safety / Emergency Response
Understanding how to use an extinguisher and how to protect ourselves from fire hazards
11m 50s 4m