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Gain a competitive edge

The pandemic has forced workforces all over the globe to adapt to a new work life. Working and learning virtually has become a new reality for a variety of fields where this accommodation can be easily made.  However, many in-field workers in the construction industry have not had access to this solution yet.


As 50% of workers are entering retirement age in the next 5 years, and 70% of companies are looking to quickly cross train and up-skill new hires, the need for new innovative training is certain.  E-learning is quickly becoming the norm to fill the skills and knowledge gaps to train a new generation of workers quickly and consistently.

The construction industry is complex. Laws, regulations, and codes vary by project type and location and can change depending on a company’s role on the project. Staying on top of applicable rules and regulations is fundamental to operate successfully. Failing to follow pertinent laws, health and safety codes or building regulations can result in serious consequences ranging from financial exposure to legal penalties and fines.

For companies that deploy multiple teams to different job sites, an e-learning platform simplifies the process entirely, allowing for training to be set in motion in a matter of minutes.

Labor shortages are still a growing concern in the industry and many companies have already felt the impact of this. Now more than ever, streamlining the training process for new and current employees will be essential to stay on track of growing workloads. Companies that make the switch to incorporate e-learning will have undeniable advantages, keeping them ahead of the competition.

If you want to save money, provide flexibility, and enable a ‘learn-from-anywhere’ environment call us for a free demo of our aQuiRe™ app to see first-hand how e-learning can work for your team.