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Return on investment with aQuiRe™

In today’s environment, construction companies have many challenges to deliver on time and within budget. In addition, many companies are feeling pressure from labor shortages and massive work influxes. Finding workers has been a challenge for decades, but it has been a critical one in today’s tight labor market. If a company cannot hire the right people at the right time, project completion may be delayed, or corners may be cut causing safety exposures.

The most innovative companies realize that they need to do more to attract and train workers. They need to have an effective talent management system that allows new hires to become efficient quickly. Companies can spend an average of $52,000 on traditional in-person training for their teams. The amount increases when companies have multiple teams running regionally and nationally. In addition to more efficient training, they also need a safety management system that provides workers with the information they need to avoid pitfalls and manage field conditions that may lead to suboptimal environments.

E-learning platforms like aQuiRe™ cut most training costs significantly. The aQuiRe™ system has proven to save the average construction company up to $40,000 annually just on training costs. In one client case study, using the app decreased their incident rate two times, saving that company $143,000. This same contractor showed seven times return on their aQuiRe™ investment.

The aQuiRe™ library includes hundreds of skills training videos on specific machine operations, maintenance methods, operations tips, safety techniques, and much more.

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