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What ACCE Certification Means for Academy Participants and Employers

Carley Hill with academy participants

You’ve likely heard about CAHill’s aQuiRe Construction Academy and the hundreds of stellar graduates poised to enter the workforce this year. As we’ve shared, many of them have already begun their new career working on some iconic construction projects. We believe we’ve built a robust program delivering professional industry development that is among the best in the nation.

Well, you no longer have to take our word for it.

We're incredibly proud to announce that our aQuiRe Construction Academy Training Program has been officially certified by the prestigious American Council for Construction Education (ACCE)! This certification signifies the exceptional quality and rigor of our training program and is a testament to CAHill’s commitment to cultivating the next generation of construction industry leaders.

Established 50 years ago, ACCE has become a leading global advocate for construction education programs. According to President and CEO Steve Nellis, certified organizations are required to adhere to ACCE’s 15 benchmarks for program excellence. “These Standards are not curriculum content related. Instead, they are learning outcome-focused. We also require that curriculum and assessment be reviewed regularly, with multiple stakeholder reviews and feedback, and that resources to deliver the content (staff, technology, physical facilities, or online platforms) be accessible and use current technology.” 

By meeting these 15 standards, CAHill TECH joins an esteemed list of certified education providers that include universities, industry associations, and private training organizations.

aQuiRe participants tool training

What does this mean to the academy participants and construction employers?

For those considering a career in construction, aQuiRe Construction Academy participants can have the peace of mind they will receive a top-tier experience from qualified staff and instructors, using the latest training platform technology. Adds Steve Nellis, “Participants can be assured that the aQuiRe training provided by CAHill will be a rigorous and quality product they can invest in for their career development. The ACCE certification will be recognized by trade associations, employers, and educational institutions, elevating their status as potential recruits for future construction career opportunities.

 The aQuiRe Construction Academy's ACCE certification will be readily identified and easily verified by employers as industry-based training based on learning outcomes. Industry employers can value the additional qualifications that this certification represents in a candidate. When hiring new workers, employers can trust that aQuiRe Construction Academy graduates have been provided an education meeting stringent industry standards and are capable of performing a broad range of professional responsibilities.

 We'd like to express our sincere gratitude to the ACCE team for their thorough review and recognition. This achievement fuels our passion to keep innovating and setting new standards in construction education.

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