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Why you should add technology to construction projects in 2023

The past few years have been a time of change and turmoil for everyone. With constant changes in regulations and operations, adapting can be difficult. When it comes to training your team and organizing your jobsites, adding technology can make work easier in more ways than one. 


Convenient Onboarding Processes

Our aQuiRe™ app and training technology make onboarding and introductory trainings easier than ever before. Our e-learning app allows new employees to have access to a variety of trainings in a matter of minutes and at the touch of their fingertips. 

aQuiRe™ includes extensive compliance, safety and OSHA trainings to hit every requirement. Many people learn better directly, with aQuiRe™, workers can return to training videos any time, including in the field to combine online learning with firsthand on-the-job experience. 

Streamline Communication with Your Team

Communication between employees of different skill sets and job levels can be difficult. With a training platform, employees at every level from safety managers to office administrators can develop a scope and appreciation of what the whole team is accomplishing. 

Our trainings are made only by people with extensive knowledge and experience in construction, making trainings relatable and easy to comprehend. We have developed our app to make every process of training quick and simple without sacrificing the quality of training or leaving out important information. 

The Pandemic and Instability in Day-to-Day Operations

Pandemic regulations are always in flux, creating uncertainty and irregular daily schedules. Adding technology to your site allows operations to be quickly and easily adapted to pandemic guidelines and recommendations. 

With aQuiRe™, trainings can be completed safely and virtually. There is no need to cramp employees in small conference rooms or take extra time and resources to ensure social distance measures. 

Our app now also includes a COVID Screening Tool, allowing employees to easily complete a short quiz on their current health and keep management up to date on the results without the added task of paperwork. 

At CAHill TECH, we strive to be ahead of the curve ensuring that all the most important aspects of construction can be comprehensible and accessible to every team and jobsite. Our aQuiRe™ app takes away the pressure of training, with OSHA-certified Master Trainers walking you and your team through each training video and module. 

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