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CAHill TECH and WTW Insurance improve mental health awareness in construction

CAHill TECH, recently named one of the fastest-growing woman-owned startups in WNY, partners with Insurance leader WTW to combat suicide prevention in the construction industry.  The construction industry has the second highest suicide rate of all industries, second to farming/forestry/fishing. 

The partnership will include hosting WTW’s educational content on the aQuiRe™ mobile platform, which is available for subscribed users in Google Play and Apple Store.  The app hosts resources and tools that can be accessed by construction workers anytime, anywhere on any mobile device. The IBEAM curriculum, designed by nationally recognized mental health experts, is leading the industry as it is engineered to support a diversity of users- the frontline worker, superintendents, and executive teams. 

The construction workforce shortage is increasing and becoming a national concern, as indicated by the Associated General Contractors of America,  which declared a workforce shortage of 650,000 in 2022. The construction labor gap has caught media attention as the pandemic encouraged many baby boomers to take early retirement.  Further preventing workforce development and attributing to a negative mental health stigma, the industry faces widespread substance abuse problems, a shift work system, and a male-dominated culture that encourages risk-taking behavior.  The effects of the workforce gap will be seen in our backyard as projects like decking the Kensington or needed improvements outlined in the ESD’s  Build Back Better challenge become delayed or canceled because of the lack of a qualified workforce. 

CAHill TECH and WTW partner together to tackle the mental health stigma, combat suicide prevention, and make construction a sustainable career track for all workers.